Max Attraction Gold Review

Are You Trying To Attract Woman Sexually?

Max Attraction Gold pheromone is meant to attract woman sexually unlike Scent of Eros, which is meant to be a social icebreaker.

Max Attraction Gold tries to give you the best of both the worlds i.e. it attracts woman sexually as well as it also acts as a social icebreaker however in the second role i.e. “social icebreaker” it is not as good as Scent of Eros, which is the best “social icebreaker” pheromone available in the market. So use max attraction mostly in a situation when you are trying to attract woman sexually.

The best strategy according to me would be to use Scent of Eros first i.e. when you are trying to start a conversation & when she is somewhat comfortable with you then probably during your second or third meeting you should use Max Attraction . However, if you are the one who has some knack of handling woman then you can use max attraction gold right during your first meeting.

During my testing I found that Max Attraction works best with the woman of slightly bigger age as a rule of thumb I would say it works best with woman of age 27+

Another important area where you need to focus on is the quantity you are using if you use more of it then probably you’ll intimidate woman around you.

Quantity to be used would depend upon the age and the mental set up of woman/girl, if she were of lesser age i.e. less than 27 then 1 full spray of Max Attraction Gold would be good enough and if she were of bigger age then 2 sprays would work best.

However, here I would suggest you to use your own judgement as you are the closest to the situation and therefore you are the best judge. In any case starting with smaller quantity is always a good idea because it is never going to do any harm to the situation.

During my testing I found that woman under its influence would feel relaxed, will give you intense looks, would like to oblige you by agreeing to what ever you are saying, they start viewing you as a protector and therefore would feel comfortable in your company.

I found that it truly works and does everything it is intended to do. However, it should not be considered a magic wand that would do everything for you. You’ll have to be assertive and will have to take the initiative and if you do that you are sure to get best results with max attraction.

I would recommend this to everybody who wants to turn the situation in his own favour.

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